ESTIA Neas Smyrnis

The next day

The activity of Estia Neas Smirnis, which has been going on for more than 90 years, does not concern only the past. Estia has a lot more to offer both presently and in the future. And no matter how many years go by, it will always serve its initial purpose with the same commitment. It shall remain a living organization that preserves and treasures the priceless legacy of the Greek Community of Asia Minor.

Estia started out as a small Club with a view to provide an intellectual and cultural home to Asia Minor refugees. As the years passed by, the Club became little by little the most important cultural center of Asia Minor Greeks, as well as one of the most valuable patrons of Greece in turbulent periods of its history.

Today, 90 years after its establishment, Estia Neas Smirnis is at the crossroad of a particularly crucial conjuncture, on the one hand, due to the difficult socioeconomic context and on the other hand due to the fact that as we distance ourselves from the events, memories fade. The representatives of the first and second generation of refugees unfortunately decrease, while the third and fourth generations not only have they not experienced the events but on top their knowledge of the Asia Minor Greeks’ history is sparse. Nevertheless, this history forms integral part of their identity too.

As a result, now more than ever, the mission and the role of Estia acquires an even greater importance. Putting young generations in the center of its interest, Estia Neas Smirnis struggles to perpetuate its work for the collection, preservation, study, and promotion of the wealth of Asia Minor, Istanbul, Pontus and Thrace Greek communities. Besides, carrying on the mission of Estia is a token of honour and gratitude to the previous generations. Additionally, the valuable records and exhibits of its Library and Museums is for younger generations the single source of information with regard to the treasures of Asia Minor Greeks and of strengthening their identity.

Estia’s mission has not closed its circle; nor will it ever do. It is a long-standing mission against any adversity to keep the memories and the insuperable spirit of the Asia Minor Greek community alive.

Our mission thus carries on... follow us.