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The Library of Estia Nea Smyrni will operate for the reading public, during July and August from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except bank holidays.

According to the circular/Φ 69/114/9708 of the Ministry of Interior and for reasons of public health protection, citizens’ access to libraries must be done exclusively by prior arrangement (appointment) and if their request cannot be satisfied in any other way.
In order to schedule your visit to the reading room of the Library for a specific day and time an email or telephone communication beforehand is required.

Readers can contact us by dialing 210-9333702, 210-9330274 (line 4) or email us at
Based on the instructions to avoid the spread of the corona virus: readers must bring their personal equipment for use by themselves (pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, notebook, etc.)

Following the standards of the National Library of Greece:
- It is not allowed for the reader visiting the library to use more than one office a time.
- The use of documents by another reader it is not allowed without the mediation of the safe quarantine time of the documents.
- Readers who enter the premises of the Library, must disinfect their hands by using the antiseptic liquid, located at the entrance of the building and in all areas of the Library.
- The safe distance of at least 1.5 meters between readers and librarians must be kept throughout their conciliation.
- The use of a protective mask by readers is recommended.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.





The Library of ESTIA was founded in 1947 by Ms. Fyli Vatidou, who was a poetess and Director of ESTIA. Today, it includes approximately 80,000 volumes of great intellectual value and mostly historic, cultural and Asia Minor related content. The Library constitutes the guardian of a unique treasure, including extended bibliography on the Asia Minor campaign and destruction, photographs of Smyrna by Eleftherios Venizelos’ personal photograph, Manolis Megalooikonomou, a photographic archive of Kostas Missailidis, war correspondent during the Asia Minor Campaign, and valuable rare publications of the wider Asia Minor region.

Moreover, in the titles of the Asia Minor bibliography is recorded the daily life, the customs, the economy, the course and milestones of the Asia Minor campaign and destruction. At the Library, a special place is held by the valuable handwritten archive of the Asia Minor Association “Anatoli” founded in 1891 in Athens, in order to cover the educational and religious needs of the Asia Minor Greek community.

In the Library, one may also study a rare collection of books in Karamanli Turkish (Turkish using the Greek alphabet) as well as a multitude of books, newspapers and magazines published in Smyrna and Istanbul, maps of Asia Minor and Anatolian and Asia Minor calendars.
Since 1992, Estia runs a bookbinding and paper restoration department which harmoniously combines the old and the new, wearing down and restoration where old and rare publications are thoroughly restored (books – magazines – newspapers – maps – photographs – paintings, etc.).

Estia’s Library is equipped with the automated librarianship program “ΑΒΕΚΤ 5.6” acquired by the National Documentation Center of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Presently, the bibliographical registrations total 11,241 entries and 13,693 copies are made available, thus facilitating the Library’s mission, and the search of information by readers.

Summer season hours ( 12th of September 2020- 31th of May 2021)
Monday- Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

Holidays / ESTIA is closed

December 25
December 26
January 1
Clean Monday
March 25
Easter Sunday & Easter Monday
May 1
Holy Spirit Monday
August 15

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